Coaching Consciente & Inteligencia Emocional Terapias holisticas personas y animales
                                            Coaching Consciente                                    &                            Inteligencia Emocional                  Terapias holisticas personas y animales                        

Holistic Therapies

The word Holistic means a concept based on the total integration rather than just a concept or situation on its own.
This means that in Holistic Therapies, in order to make a diagnosis all the aspects from the emotions, the mind, the physical and spiritual are taken into account.

Holistic therapies aim to reach the root, the cause and not just to treat the symptoms.

Holistic therapies include many from nutrition, flower remedies, Chinese medicine (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, acupressure), massage, essential oils, orthomolecular, homeopathy, sound therapy .... And the list goes on..

My work with both Animals and people include Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils 100 &% 
therapeutic grade ,massage techniques and acupressure, Tapping and Sound therapy.

My diagnostic approach is to make a good record of the past and present events, taking into account all aspects that may influence the animal or person, like, the environment, people animals around them, past illnesses, diseases, medication, etc.. The more information I can get, the better it will be for me to reach a good diagnosis and implement the best suited holistic therapy or therapies.

Holistic diagnosis is very individual and no two cases are alike even if they seem to have the same symptoms.

It is very important to know that Holistic Therapies under no circumstances replace a doctors or a veterinarian’s diagnosis.

They are in fact a perfect compliment to conventional medicine.