Coaching Consciente & Inteligencia Emocional Terapias holisticas personas y animales
                                            Coaching Consciente                                    &                            Inteligencia Emocional                  Terapias holisticas personas y animales                        

About me

My name is Fleur and my life’s passions are nature and animals.


I have lived with animals of all shapes and sizes since I was borndogs, cats, hamsters, farm animals, horses, ferrets, squirrels..., and my contact with nature has been, and still is, very intense, based on love and respect for all living beings, whether from the animal or plant kingdom.

My life’s path took me to become a veterinary nurse and I worked as such for 20 years. Mi work consisted in helping the Veterinarians in general consultations, surgery of all kinds (traumatology, ophthalmology, internal surgery etc.), anaesthesia, laboratory work, emergencies, intensive care....

Quite a few abandoned animals or in need of operations ended up coming home with me, for example like my wonderful friend “Dolly”, the sheep. 

During the years working at the Veterinary clinic I also trained as a Canine and Feline groomer and I assisted to all the seminars and conferences that were in my reach.

Whilst working at the veterinary clinic I observed that many of the “whole” aspects of the animal where not taken into account, and this is when I became interested in other areas of health that had a more holistic approach, therefore taking into account the animal as a whole including the mental and emotional as well as the physical side

I became interested in Chinese medicine- Acupuncture, and I spent a year travelling to Barcelona, learning with Marita Casasola. Sadly I could not finish the full training due to becoming a mum!

I have studied Canine, Feline and Equine Psychology through various schools and centres in the UK, and trained as an Official Bach Flower Practitioner through the Official Bach Centre in UK.

The deep and continuous study of emotions via Bach Flowers led me to the fascinating world of Life Coaching, Emotional Inteligence,The Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciounness - Sydney Banks)Enneagram,.Tapping- Emotional freedonm tecnique, psicologycal atroogy and numerology.

have also trained in Reiki Levels I, II and III, and in Holistic therapies (Crystal healing, Colour therapy, Chakra, mind control...). 

Studying has also taken me to the wonderful world of massage , especially to Canine Massage, Aplication and Use of 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oils, and Sound Therapy - Tunning Forks.


My intent when healing is to see the animal or person as a whole, taking everything into account, i.e. physical, mental, emotional aspects and also environmental and nutritional aspects too. This helps me find and use the most adequate healing modality for the individual in each specific case. No two cases are the same even though the symptoms may be similar.


I believe it is very important to express oneself especially women

Emotions can be liberated through Dance and through Music


Through practice and study of dance, specifically oriental dancing, but from the pure essence of this dance rather from the "show" side, I have found a way of healing, intergrating and liberating oneself.

I wish to share this experience and knowlege in the near future with other women, through clases and workshops,for all of those who wish to learn this amazing and powerful way of expression, which is so healing and highly recomendable not only physically but also psicologically, emotionally and spiritually.


I am also part of a choir called Las Voces de Gaia. We sing mantras and songs honouring Mother Earth, Humanity, Nature and in hope to spread the energy of Love and Peace.


My aim with this website is

to help people help themselves


to help people help their animals.



Under no circunstances do natural/complimentary therapies subsitute a doctor or a veterinarians diagnosis.